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Good Luck on the ACT

Eat a good breakfast with protein and get some good sleep– hopefully not at the actual test!

Puzzled about a topic in chapter 32?

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Chapter 32 Outlines- due Monday, February 14

Outline Chapter 32
You will add the details to the outlines below, and make sure you answer any questions which are posed in the outlines. These must be in your own words! You may use paragraphs with terms to answer each Roman numeral, if you wish to do so as an alternative.

I. Presidential politics- Why do the Republicans continue to dominate?
—–A. Harding (include cabinet, Ohio Gang, disarmament, stand re: business, scandals, veterans, etc.)
—–B. Coolidge (include standing pat, election of 1924, leadership style, etc.)
—–C. Hoover (include Hoover as self-made man, election of 1928, Al Smith, Great Crash and response, Bonus Army, RFC, Muscle Shoals, etc.)

II. Foreign policy—Is the US truly isolationist?
—–A. Snubbing the League
—–B. Our interest begins in the Middle East
—–C. Washington Conference (incl. treaties)
—–D. WWI debt and Dawes plan
—–E. Stimson doctrine
—–F. Good Neighbor policy

III. Economics- How well do progressive economic reforms survive in the 1920s?
—–A. Is laissez-faire still tops?
———-1. Adkins v. Children’s Hospital
—–B. Railroads and shipping (include laws and Boards)
—–C. Tariffs again- Why are they necessary?
—–D. Farmers get suckered by WWI
———-1. Fed Farm board- what was its purpose?
—–E. WWI transforms US economically (DEBTOR? CREDITOR?)
—–F. Black Tuesday
—–G. Causes of Great Depression