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Upcoming deadlines- 2/22 and 3/11

Your QUESTIONS (rather than outline notes) for chapter 33 are posted below the information on the Dustbowl here on the main page. Make sure you answer the questions in depth by Tuesday, February 22.

Make sure you have read the articles about the Migrant Mother and the Dust Bowl by your B and C days next week.

You will have registration for your senior year on Tuesday and your terms check over chapter 33.

Make sure you have registered for your AP exams online by March 11. You do the registration online, then bring your printed registration and your checks to Ms. Caimi in the guidance office by that date!!!!

Good links on the Dust Bowl

and this one explains some of the science behind the Dust Bowl:

Chapter 33 questions

This is your assignment for chapter 33, due on Tuesday.  Answer thoroughly. If making a chart helps on some questions, do it.

1. Why was FDR more compassionate than he might otherwise have been, given his patrician upbringing? What role did his wife play? How did she shatter precedents for first ladies?
2. How did Hoover miscalculate politically in the campaign of 1932? How did the electorate begin to shift? In what ways were Obama’s tactics similar to those of FDR?
3. What was FDR’s first act as president? How had he used the lame duck period to his benefit?
4. What were the “three R’s?” What was the longest range “r”, and why? Of the first five laws passed in his first 30 days in office, which “r” was most emphasized, and why did this make sense?
5. What happened to Congressional power during the early months of the FDR administration, and why?
6. Would it be fair to call the New Deal the third phase of Progressivism? Explain your reasoning.
7. What was the purpose of the Glass Steagall Act? Research what eventually happened to this Act. I’ve provided links on another post to help you.
8. How did FDR attempt to manage the currency supply, and what did he hope would happen? Why would that have been good? What were the criticisms of these policies?
9. Which programs were meant to help cut unemployment?
10. What measures were meant to cut farm production? How did climatological crises complicate matters, and what were the effects of these crises to population distribution?
11. Summarize the main critics of the New Deal who claimed the New Deal was not radical enough. What program was created to quiet the criticism?
12. What role did women play in FDR’s administration?
13. What was the goal of the NRA? What problems were there with this program? What was its sister program?
14. What finally happened to Prohibition? How did the government profit from this repeal?
15. How did the New Deal attempt to reform the investment and banking industries? Be thorough in your answer.
16. What did the TVA attempt to do, and why did some criticize it as socialism?
17. Why was social security the “greatest victory” of the New Deal? How did it once again change Americans’ expectations about their government?
18. Why would a depression not be a good time for unions to strike or gain concessions? How was labor helped under the New Deal? Explain each law.
19. What strategy did the Republicans use in the campaign of 1936? How did this election further cement changes in the electorate?
20. Why did FDR go to war with the courts? How did he attempt to “solve” his problem, and how did this backfire on him? What impact did his proposals have on the Supreme Court?
21. What is “Keynesianism?” What did it say about budget deficits?
22. What was the Hatch Act? What recent court decision has been made about this same toipic?
23. How radical was the New Deal? How conservative was the New Deal?