The Iron Lung

A hospital ward filled with patients in iron lungs

In 2008, Irene Odell, who had spent 60 of her 63 years in an iron lung after being stricken by polio died after a tragic power outage and generator failure. Read about it here:

Irene Odell in her iron lung

Here is a link to a really good exhibit about the time when fears of polio swept the nation:


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  1. Posted by katie on January 24, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    that is very sad i feel bad about it and small things in my life are bad if i ever got polio i dont no what i do i any one is there with polio or in the iron lung tell them i am very sorry and i hope they get well ps how does the iron lung work

  2. Go here to learn how it works– it’s negative pressure, or suction:

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