Chapter 35 Outlines

Due Monday, March 7.


Outlines Chapter 35: World War II

I. How did fears about sabotage and spying affect the US during World War II? (ANSWER THE QUESTION HERE, TOO!)
—– A. What effect did Pearl Harbor have?
—–B. How were civil liberties affected?

II. What economic effects arose from America’s attempt to be an “arsenal of democracy?” (ANSWER THE QUESTION HERE, TOO!)
—–A. Organizing industry
—–B. “Rosie the Riveter” and (AAGPBL)
—–C. Jobs and migration- Sunbelt v. Rustbelt
—–D. Effects on the South
III. The War in Europe

—–A. Submarine warfare
—–B. Operation Torch & North Africa
—–C. Battle of Stalingrad- importance
—–D. Operation Overlord
—–E. Yalta
IV. The War in the Pacific

—–A. China v. Japan
—–B.Bataan Death March
—–C. Coral Sea
—–D. Midway
—–E. Guadalcanal

V. How did the Allies coordinate strategy?
—–A. Opening the Second Front for the USSR
—–B. Casablanca and Teheran conferences
—–C. Potsdam Conference
—–D. Atomic weaponry
—–E. The alliance splinters—why


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