The significance of the GI Bill in American life

Go here ( to read historian Milton Greenberg on how the GI Bill affected American society.

Although copies were handed out in class, here are the questions over this reading in case you lose them. These are due Friday. Make sure you do your own work and answer thoroughly.

Questions for Understanding

1. (Background research) What were the specific provisions of the GI Bill of Rights? What was its other name?

2.  What group was instrumental in getting this law passed? What was the history of this organization? (You can use your book and previous class notes as well as the internet)

3. What previous historical events influenced support for this bill? Explain why these events increased support for this program.

4.  How was this law “democratic?” Was this a “radical” expansion of government power? Explain.

5. How much was the unemployment insurance? What was the justification for this? What were fears about the precedent this set?

6. What impact did this have on higher education and attitudes toward education? Be completely thorough in your answer.


7.  What kind of help was offered to veterans who did not or could not go to college?


8. How did the GI Bill help change the real estate market?

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