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Practice MC for test over Cold War

1. Who did Johnson choose as his chief of staff for the War on Poverty– a person who had also been the first director of Kennedy’s Peace Corps?

A. Hubert Humphrey

B. Sargent Shriver

C. Robert Kennedy

D. Lady Bird Johnson

E. Harold Pinter


2. The main (civilian) architect of LBJ’s Vietnam strategy was the secretary of defense he inherited from Kennedy named

A. Robert McNamara

B. Howard Hughes

C. Edward Kennedy

D. James Earl Ray

E. Robert Frost


3. In 1956, the US condemned ____ as the aggressors in theSuez crisis.

A. Lebanon and Syria
B. the USSR and the Warsaw Pact
C. Britain and France
D. Egypt and Jordan
E. Israel and Turkey
4. The Paris summit conference scheduled for 1960 collapsed because of the
A. Suez crisis.
B. Bay of Pigs
C. Quemoy episode
D. launching of Sputnik
E. U-2 incident.
5. In response to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anticommunist attacks, President Eisenhower
A. publicly denounced him only after he attacked General George Marshall.
B. quietly encouraged him to continue his attacks on Democrats.
C. publicly opposed his ruthless attacks but privately enjoyed McCarthy’s tactics.
D. allowed him to virtually control personnel policy at the State Department.
E. privately supported him but publicly kept his distance.
6. The 1955 Geneva Conference
A. unified the two Vietnams.
B. made Ngo Dinh Diem president of Vietnam.
C. called for two Vietnams to hold national elections within two years.
D. created the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.
E. established the permanent division of Vietnam.
7. Richard Nixon was selected as Eisenhower’s running mate in 1952 as a concession to 

A. hard-line anticommunists.
B. moderate Republicans.
C. southern Republicans.
D. liberal Republicans.
E. isolationists.
8. The origins of the Cold War lay in a fundamental disagreement between the US and the USSR over postwar arrangements in
A. Europe.
B. Asia.
C. Africa.
D. the Middle East.
E. the Third World.
9. Jiang Jeshi (Chiang Kai-shek) and the Nationalist government lost the Chinese civil war to the Communists mainly because
A. Jiang lost the support and confidence of the Chinese people.
B. the US failed to give the Nationalists aid.
C. the Communists received too much support from the USSR for the US to be able to match.
D. communists within the Truman administration undermined Jiang’s efforts.
E. Korean and Vietnamese communists fought alongside Chinese communists.
10. After the Cuban missile crisis, in a speech at American University in 1963, JFK recommended the adoption of a policy toward the USSR based on
A. mutually assured destruction.
B. massive retaliation.
C. peaceful coexistence.
D. gradual escalation.
E. flexible response.