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Announcements for April 15-22

Chapter 40 Outlines due Tuesday, April 19. Do the outlines in paragraph format under each Roman numeral prompt to provide more practice writing in essay format. YOU HAVE AN EXTRA DAY!!! USE IT!

2. REVIEW for the AP EXAM!!!!! After school review sessions on Monday and Thursday next week.

3. Midterm exam will be given on Friday, April 22. It will be an actual AP exam MC section. This will then leave you with a real idea of what you need to study with two weeks left before the test.

Chapter 40 outlines

Chapter 40 Resurgence of Conservatism

Once again respond to the Roman numerals in paragraph form. THIS IS DUE TUESDAY,  April 19!!!!!!

I. How does Reagan craft a new Republican coalition?
A. What was the “New Right?”
B. What was the “”Old Right?”
C. Concern over social issues- which ones?
1. Effect on evangelical Christians
2. Moral Majority- what does this imply?
D. Reagan’s persona and background
1. Reagan and the “common man” (Who else used this?)
2. Optimism- “Morning in America”
3. Neoconservative advisors
4. Stance on communism
5. “Big government”
E. Election of 1980
1. “ABC”
2. Edward Kennedy
3. John Anderson
4. Carter’s record after the presidency
5. Release of the hstages
F. Why is it called the “Reagan Revolution?”
1. “Government is not the solution…”

II. How are expectations about government action revised during the Reagan years?
A. Taxes
B. Supply-side economics (also known as ….)
1. Trivia: what was it called in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off?
C. “revenue hole”- which is another name for….
D. impact on social spending (define social spending)
E. Religious influence
F. Strict constructionism in the courts
1. impact on affirmative action (include cases)
2. impact on abortion issue (include cases)
G. What did Reagan believe WAS the job of government?

III. The election of 1988- Why is it called a “Referendum on Reaganism?”
A. Could Congress stop Reaganism?
B. The Iran-contra scandal
C. The “double mountain”
D. The S & L crisis and bank failures
1. extent
2. causes
E. Stock market rumblings
F. “Seven Dwarves”- what does this imply?
1. the embarrassment of Gary Hart
2. Jesse Jackson
G. Michael Dukakis- strengths and weaknesses
H. George H. W. Bush- strengths and weaknesses

IV. Was the Bush I presidency a continuation of Reagan?
A. The hope for democracy in China
B. Uprisings in the Soviet bloc
1. Solidarity
C. Germany
D. New openness in the Soviet Union
1. Gorbachev
a. glasnost
b. perestroika
2. Boris Yeltsin
3. The Commonwealth of Independent States
E. How does the Cold War end? Summarize.
F. Persian Gulf I (also known as Operation…..)
1. Why?
2. Who?
3. Where?
4. Did we miss an opportunity?
G. “Kinder and Gentler?”
1. social issues
a. impact on women
2. Court appointments
3. Taxes and red ink
“Read my lips….”