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I hope you are all safe

It looks like the area around our school was seriously affected by last night’s storms. Those of us in the Willow Brook area escaped damage. As the day wears on we will know more. Thanks be for basements.

I hope you are all safe and dry. All those affected by these storms are in my thoughts and prayers.

It is times like this that the community comes together, and we all demonstrate “the better angels of our nature,” as Abraham Lincoln famously said.

Please let me know how you are if you can in the comments section if you happen to visit this site this weekend (using a pen name– I’ll figure it out since I alone will be able to see your email address). I am so glad that those of you who were at Holy Spirit were not hurt– our Good Friday service was held in our church’s basement all the way in U City.

Help each other.

I love you all. Bless you.