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41 Outlines- for extra credit by Monday

You may get extra extra credit for doing these in FRQ form– concentrate on creating a strong thesis statement answering the prompt.

These are due MONDAY, MAY 2!!!!! Do these instead of terms.

I. The presidency of Bill Clinton- was it a success?
A. The campaign- why wasn’t “41” re-elected?
1. What was Ross Perot’s stake, and what did he accomplish?
B. How did Clinton take risks?
1. What’s a “new Democrat?”
2. What were his early failures?
3. Was the First Lady a help or a hindrance?
C. What happened with the budget?
D. Violence and crime challenges
1. Brady Bill
2. Showdown at Waco
3. Oklahoma City and Timothy McVeigh
4. Columbine
5. A Million Moms
E. The Republican opposition and the Contract With America
1. What did it promise?
2. What happened in Congress?
3. What’s an “unfunded mandate?”
4. Reform- too much or not enough?
5. End results?
F. Taking on entitlements
1. Welfare
2. Affirmative Action
G. Economics
1. dot.coms go wild
2. free trade or protectionism?
3. the challenge of globalism (see China)
H. Foreign troubles
1. China
2. Haiti
3. Somalia
4. Rwanda
5. What does “Balkanization” mean? (Use a dictionary)
6. Israel and the PLO
I. Whitewater and Monica Lewinski
1. What are “high crimes and misdemeanors?”
J. Ultimately, was Clinton a failure?

II. The presidency of George W. Bush- how do you predict history will judge this administration?
A. The election- what went wrong?
B. What are red states and blue states?
C. Which party is in charge?
D. 9/11
1. What was Al Qaeda?
2. Who was bin Laden?
3. How was Afghanistan involved?
4. Why was the Patriot Act passed?
5. What was the purpose of Guantanamo?
E. Why did we invade Iraq?
1. WMD and terror
2. Saddam Hussein and the Bush family legacy
3. Did the UN fail?
4. Can we “nation-build?”

F. Equality and Fairness at home- what were the Bollinger cases?
G. What problems faced both parties by 2004?