Major Events in Women’s History

Here is where you can view a timeline:

And major movements or concepts include the following:

Colonial–feme covert/ differences between northern and southern laws/

1780s- 1800s–republican motherhood/ Abigail Adams’ “Remember the Ladies”/ Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Women/

1820-1860–women reformers (abolition, mental health, etc.)/cult of domesticity/women’s sphere- impact of industrialization
/founding of women’s colleges (Mt. Holyoke, Troy Female Seminary) and co-education at Oberlin/

1820-1840s— women’s rights/ women reformers/ Seneca Falls/ Declaration of Sentiments/ Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony/ Amelia Bloomer/

1870s-1920–struggle for suffrage/NAWSA/19th Amendment/ Carrie Chapman Catt/Lucy Stone/ National Women’s Party/

1940s— women in the war effort/Rosie the Riveter/women in military WAACS, WAVES, SPARS/

1950s— Return to Normalcy/ suburbanization/ domestic ideal/

1960s-1970s— Betty Friedan- “the problem that has no name”/founding of NOW/abortion/ERA fight for ratification/Equal Pay Act/Title IX/Phyllis Schlafly/divorce/birth control/ bra burning/ consciousness raising

1980s-1990s— backlash/conservatism/”Mommy wars”/women in workplace/ Mr. Mom and stay-at-home dads/ glass ceiling/

2007-11— Lily Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire Co/ Ledbetter Equal Pay Act/ “mancession” recession/

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