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Nickname Game

Nickname game


Creatures only a history teacher could love. What were these things from chapters 22-28?

1. “Whitewashed rebels”

2. “scalawags”

3. “the bloody chasm”

4. “Half-Breeds”

5. “dark horse” candidates

6. “pork-barrel” bills

7. “the Grange”

8. “Drake’s Folly”

9. “Seward’s Folly”

10. “yellow dog” contracts

11. “sooners”

12. “normal schools”

13. the “Gilded Age”

14. “fifty-niners”

15. “eighty-niners”

16. “dry” states

17. “Sodbusters”

18. “Chatauquas”

19. “boomers”

20. “Helldorados”

22. “Mugwumps”

23. “Stalwarts”

24. “Copperheads”

25. “Goldbugs”

26. “Exodusters”

27. “greenbacks”

Timeline of Great American Authors

Once again, no idea where I got it, but it is handy… (another pdf, so click to open)

Timeline for Great American Authors

Supreme Court Cases Review

I have no idea where I found this. Click to open (it’s a pdf file):

supreme court cases rvw