Presidents’ Review Quiz

  1. GEORGE W. BUSH      Known as “43”
  2. WOODROW WILSON       President during World War I
  3. JAMES MADISON     Father of the Constitution
  4. ANDREW JACKSON      Known as “Old Hickory”
  5. BENJAMIN AND WILLIAM HARRISON    the only grandfather-grandson combination of presidents
  6. JAMES BUCHANAN      President before Abraham Lincoln
  7. THOMAS JEFFERSON      Founded the University of Virginia
  8. JAMES POLK      associated with Manifest Destiny
  9. RUTHERFORD HAYES      nicknamed “Old 8-7” or “Rutherfraud”
  10. WILLIAM HARRISON     1st president to die in office (and serve shortest term)
  11. HARRY TRUMAN        Born in Missouri (please!)
  12. JIMMY CARTER            The “Man from Plains,” known for his toothy grin
  13. GERALD FORD            Only president not elected
  14. RONALD REAGAN            nicknamed “the Great Communicator”
  15. ABRAHAM LINCOLN            1st president to be assassinated
  16. THOMAS JEFFERSON (aaron burr)                        this president’s vice president was accused of and tried for treason
  17. RICHARD NIXON            as a candidate for vice president, he gave a speech about a dog
  18. THOMAS JEFFERSON            this president was also the first secretary of state
  19. BILL CLINTON            his birth name was William Blythe
  20. JOHN KENNEDY            1st president to be Roman Catholic
  21. WOODROW WILSON            after he suffered a stroke, trying to urge ratification of a treaty, the rumor was that his wife ran the country
  22. JAMES MADISON            had to flee the White House as the British advanced
  23. WARREN HARDING            known for being influenced by his friends who were called “the Ohio Gang”
  24. ULYSSES GRANT            effective general, ineffective president
  25. GROVER CLEVELAND            only president to serve two non-consecutive terms
  26. RICHARD NIXON            first president to resign
  27. THOMAS JEFFERSON            first president inaugurated in Washington DC
  28. ANDREW JOHNSON            only president who never attended school
  29. RONALD REAGAN            only president to be divorced
  30. JOHN ADAMS AND JOHN QUINCY ADAMS            first father-son combination of presidents
  32. EISENHOWER- 5 STAR GENERAL            Which president held the highest rank in the US military before election as president?
  33. T. ROOSEVELT, NEGOTIATED END OF RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR IN 1904            Which president was the first American to receive the Nobel Prize, and why?
  34. T.ROOSEVELT 1905, WILSON 1919, CARTER 2002, OBAMA 2008 (VP GORE)Which presidents have received the Nobel Peace Prize?
  35. WILSON      president with a Ph.D.
  36. HOOVER       first president to be born west of the Mississippi
  37. JFK (1918)       first president born in the 20th century
  38. BUCHANAN       only president who never married
  39. GRANT       first president to host black leaders in the White House
  40. CLEVELAND 1884 AND 1892         only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office
  41. TYLER AND CLEVELAND (IN WH)      married while in office
  42. CLEVELAND         only non-veteran of the Civil War to serve as president during 1868-1900
  43. WASHINGTON          only president to claim no political party for entire presidency
  44. FDR (GARNER, WALLACE, TRUMAN)       president to have three different vice presidents
  45. MADISON (SEE A24 in your book)        only president to have two vice presidents die while in office
  46. FORD        shot at by a follower of Charles Manson
  47. TRUMAN        shot at by Puerto Rican nationalists
  48. JEFFERSON AND ADAMS (JULY 4, 1826)       these presidents died on exactly the same day, which was also the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of independence
  49. CLINTON         was a Rhodes scholar
  50. A JOHNSON        first president impeached
  51. TAFT        only president to serve on the Supreme Court after being president
  52. J Q ADAMS         only president to serve in the House of Representatives after being president
  53. FDR        longest presidency
  54. 42           If Barack Obama is the 44th president, how many presidents have there been before him?
  55. BUSH 2000           Last president to have been elected with less than a majority of the popular vote
  56. W HARRISON (30 DAYS, 12 HOURS, 30 MIN)         shortest presidency
  57. W HARRISON 1840         first Whig president
  58. TAYLOR 1848          last Whig president
  59. T ROOSEVELT (42 YRS, 322 DAYS)         Youngest person to serve as president
  60. REAGAN (69 YRS 11 MONTHS)      Oldest person elected president
  61. WASHINGTON (6’4”)      Tallest president
  62. MADISON (5’4”)       Shortest president
  63. BARACK OBAMA            First president not born in the continental US
  64. TAYLOR (15 W/ 2 WIVES)       President with the most children
  65. G W BUSH        Only president with an MBA
  66.  COOLIDGE (1876)        Only president born on the 4th of July
  67. JAMES          most common first name
  68. EPISCOPALIAN         most common religious affiliation
  69. 26          how many presidents were also lawyers?
  70. $25,000 (GW FIRST DECLINED IT)        First presidential salary
  71. 12 (GRANT-MCKINLEY EXCEPT CLEVELAND)          Served in the Union Army during the Civil War
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