Some extra questions to consider…

Might these help you understand the material as well as help you on the test? YES.

Who was Bartolomeo de las Casas, and what did he claim about Spanish colonization efforts that later became part of the Black Legend?

What did the headright system entail?

What did the Virginia Company originally hope to accomplish in the New World?

Why was the colony of Georgia founded?

What did Anne Hutchinson believe that got her into trouble with Massachusetts’ authorities?

How was New Netherland different from its neighboring colonies?

What were the causes of King Philip’s War, and what were the consequences?

Why, specifically, were Quakers unpopular in England?

How did Pennsylvania’s policies toward the Indians differ from the rest of the colonies in North America?

Who was William Bradford, and why was he important?

Who, exactly, were “the elect?” What were the practical effects of the belief in “predestination?”

What was the Act of Toleration, and how “tolerant” was it?

Although Africans were first brought to Jamestown in 1619, why weren’t they immediately preferred to indentured servants as the main source of labor?

What were the differences between the New England Confederation and the Dominion of New England?

What was meant by “salutary neglect,” specifically?

What was the most populous colony in the American colonies by 1700?

What did Sir Edmond Andros do to attempt to reassert the power of the English king?

Why did the English colonists’ relations with the Powhatans eventually sour?

What were two major exports of the Carolinas early in the settlement period?

What role did John Smith play in the founding of Jamestown?

What was the purpose of the Connecticut Blue Laws?

What impact did the Barbados slave codes have upon the American colonies, particularly in the South?

In what ways were the Crusaders indirectly responsible for the discovery of the New World?

What were the differences between families in the Chesapeake area versus families in New England?

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