Review Questions for Test over chapters 8-10

Treaties: Peace of Paris, Ft. Stanwix, Jay’s, Pinckney’s, Franco-American, Greenville

Actions of the 2nd Continental Congress: Olive Branch petition, Dec of Ind., creation Continental Army, Articles of Confederation

Consequences of major battles: Lexington and Concord, Breed’s Hill, Saratoga, Yorktown

Purpose of Bill of Rights

Ideological foundations of Revolution and Constitution: Paine, Locke, Montesquieu, Bailyn on power, Hobbes, Rousseau

Primary source documents: Dec of Ind, Constitution, Patrick Henry’s speech, Federalist #10, Articles of Confederation, Farewell Address

Compromises of the Constitutional Convention

Commanders of the Revolution: Jones, Clark, Greene, Washington


Northwest Ordinance and Land Ordinance

Federalists/ Antifederalists

Birth of parties: Federalist party- Democratic Republicans

Writing of Constitution/ Conventions/ Madison

Strengths/ weaknesses Articles of Confederation

Egalitarianism/ natural aristocracy/ slavery/ voting/ popular consent

Rebellions/ fear of mobocracy/ impact on Constitution

Women’s roles in Revolution/ early Republic/ Republican motherhood

Foreign relations challenges

Compact theory/ nullification/ Va. And Ky. Resolutions

Rebellions: Shays’, Regulators, Bacon’s, Whiskey

Native Americans: Fallen Timbers, Joseph Brant, Iroquois

Interpretation of Constitution

Hamiltonian financial system

British actions: impressment, frontier forts

Democratic/undemocratic features of Constitution

Vocabulary/concepts of Constitution

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