Outline Note Format for Chapter 11

Outline Note format Chapter 11

Due Monday, September 26, 2011

Jeffersonian Democracy

Make sure your notes are written on your own paper, are legible, and explain the significance of the items. This last part is particularly important for full credit on the notes. Dates are also important to include.

I. Why was the presidency of Thomas Jefferson a pivotal time in the development of American politics and governance?

A. Whispering campaigns, Revolution of 1800 and the first peaceful transfer of power EXPLAIN THESE!!!!!

B. Federalists begin their long painful death- WHY?

C. Jefferson- laid-back dude or a slob?

1. His inaugural 2. patronage 3. Gallatin and the Treasury

D. The Louisiana Purchase

1.Was it constitutional? 2. Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea. 3. Zebulon Pike

E. Foreign Relations

1. Pirates! 2. The Marine Corps! 3. The “Mosquito fleet” 4. The Darn British, (still)

F. The “Dambargo” and its unintended consequences

1. Manufacturing 2. Brief life for the Federalists 3. Heightened tensions with Britain?

G. Crazy things that happened

1. Sally Hemings; 2. Awon Buh! (Aaron Burr)

II. How did the Judiciary assert itself during the early 19th century?

A. Judiciary Act of 1801

B. John Marshall’s role in the modern Supreme Court

C. “Midnight judges” and party politics

D. Marbury v. Madison, judicial review, and their effects

— Poor Samuel Chase!

E. Judicial Nationalism (from Chapter 12)

Explain: McCulloch v. Maryland, Cohens v. Virginia, Gibbons v. Ogden, Fletcher v. Peck, Dartmouth College v. Woodward, and Daniel Webster

III. What did the “Father of the Constitution” do when he got his shot at the big time?

A. Foreign and Indian troubles

1. Macon’s Bill No. 2

2. Why were War Hawks wishing for war from the West? (Ooh, the alliteration!)

–Who’re these guys?- Tecumseh, Clay, Jackson, Harrison

3. What to do about Britain? Why do anything?

B. What was “Mr. Madison’s War?”

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