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Chapter 13 New Outlines

These are due Tuesday, October 4, 2011.

Make sure you explain section headings and answer questions.
Mass Democracy
Chapter 13 Notes

I. What brings about the end of the Era of Good Feelings?
A. how does JQA actually get elected?
1. Role of the House
B. Corrupt Bargain of 1824 – thwarting the will of the people?
C. Poor John Q. Adams—why is he not a success? (List reasons as 1, 2, 3 below)
D. nationalism v. sectionalism: the causes of the tension
E. land policy (mention Cherokees also)
F. election of 1828—what role does sectionalism play?
1. Mudslinging in the campaign of 1828

II. Why do some claim the federal government is illegally expanding its power?
A. Tariffs, esp. Tariff of Abominations
1. consequences
2. who was for and who was against and WHY
3. protests
B. What is the connection between tariffs and slavery?
C. Nullification
1. Calhoun
2. South Carolina Exposition- summarize (see blog)
3. What does SC try to do, and why don’t they succeed?
4. Tariff of 1832- is it enough to avert disaster?
D. The struggle between the states and the federal government over control of Indian affairs
1. Five Civilized Tribes vs. the states
a. Why are they called “civilized? Does becoming “civilized help?”
2. Trail of Tears—what role does the federal government play?

III. Why is the 1820s-1840s known as “Jacksonian Democracy?”
A. How does he exemplify the “common man?”
B. What was the purpose of the spoils system?
1. consequences?
C. What was the inaugural philosophy of the Whig party at its start?
D. What other new parties came into being?
E. New political innovations- conventions and platforms
F. How does Martin Van Buren’s presidency continue Jacksonian trends?
G. Election of 1840—how does each candidate try to be a “common man?”
1. “coonskin congressmen”
2. “King Numbers”
3. “the divine right of the people”
H. Basic differences between Democrats and Whigs
I. What does the election of Jackson say about the political power of the West (see also p. 285)

IV. What are the major causes of economic difficulties in the mid 1800s?
A. ties between Europe and America
B. “divorce bill”
C. What is the purpose of the “independent treasury?” How was it supposed to work?

V. Expansionism and Manifest Destiny
A. Texas fights against Mexico (explain major figures)
1. Alamo
2. Goliad
3. San Jacinto
B. What undercuts the independence of Lone Star Republic- why does it need to be annexed?