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Chapter 14 Outlines

Chapter 14 – National Economy Outlines

Due Monday October 10.

Make sure you explain section headings and answer questions.INCLUDE DATES AND EXPLAIN YOUR STATEMENTS!!!!!!
I. How does the expansion of the US influence the economy?
A. Explain: “Europe stretches to the Alleghenies; America lies beyond.”
1. shifting demographic center (where, why, and implications?)—see graphs on p. 290
2. “rugged individualism”—how characteristic is it, and why?
B. What is “ecological imperialism?”
C. Impact of population growth rate
1. New cities
2. “surplus” people
3. “America letters”
D. What push factors influence immigrants coming from new areas?
1. Irish
a. Order of Hibernians
b. Molly Maguires
d. Irish influence on Tammany Hall
2. Germans
a. How is their situation different from the Irish?
b. German impact on US culture and education
E. Why do native born Americans perceive these new arrivals as a threat?
1. American party
2. Anti-Catholic prejudice

II. The “Market Revolution”—blessing or curse?
A. How does population growth impact industrialization?
B. What resources did America have that favored industrialization?
C. How does the cotton gin impact the South’s agricultural economy?
D. Technological innovators
1. Samuel Slater
2. Eli Whitney
3. Samuel Morse
4. Elias Howe
5. John Deere
6. Cyrus McCormick
7. Robert Fulton
8. Cyrus Field
9. Samuel Morse
E. Legal innovations ease industrialization
1. limited liability
2. free incorporation
3. Boston Associates and investment capital
4. role of Supreme Court
F. “Wage slaves” fight back
1. working conditions
2. ten hour day
3. strikes and scabs
4. Commonwealth v. Hunt
G. Impact on women
1. Factory Girls—Lowell, MA
2. Catherine Beecher and teaching
3. “cult of domesticity—positive or negative?
4. “Women’s sphere”
5. Impact on family size and child-raising
H. Is there true social mobility?

III. How does transportation create one national market?
A. Improvements to use of rivers for transport
1. Steamboats- what difference do they make?
2. Canals
a. DeWitt Clinton
B. Highways
1. National (Cumberland) Road
2. turnpikes
3. impact on westward settlement
C. Railroads
1. standardization
2. Pullman palaces
3. braking
D. Merchant marine
E. Communications
1. telegraph
2. Pony Express