Some help for your terms in chapter 15

Warning: There are a LOT of people talked about in chapter 15 of your text. It’s another one of those chapters that covers 70 years of history and it seems to laundry-list a lot of cultural figures. To help you learn this not only for my terms check and my test, but also for the AP exam, I have created a simple chart for you to use. I have attached a pdf of it right here:

Authors, Artists chart ch. 15


Simply use the chart to create a handy reference for yourself. You could even make another copy of it for the scientists and architects. You then can keep that to use on your semester final and your AP test prep in the spring. Here’s an example of how to fill it out:

Name: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Harvard professor–Field: poet——–Major works: Evangeline (1847),about the Acadians’ expulsion from Canada; Song of Hiawatha (1855), the story of an Ojibwe warrior and his sweetheart; Paul Revere’s Ride (1860).. “Listen my children and you shall hear…

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