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Review items for midterm

Encomienda/ Black Legend/ Treaty of Tordesillas/ impact of Crusades
Columbian Exchange and impact worldwide – food and microbes
Impact of New World gold on Old World economy/ capitalism
early exploration- differences between Spanish, French, English; Treaty of Tordesillas; impact on Native peoples
Impact of horses, weapons, and trade goods on Native Peoples
Iroquois Confederacy/Powhatan’s Confederation/ Handsome Lake/ Tecumseh
Jamestown vs, Massachusetts similarities and differences
Pilgrims and Puritans- beliefs and differences/ Model of Christian Charity/ Virginia Company
Labor- indentured servitude/ slavery/ immigration/ early industrialization/ headright system
Egalitarianism vs. class structure/ women’s rights/
Family structure differences between Jamestown and Massachusetts
Reasons for settling of early colonies/ Carolinas/ New York/ Maryland/ Pennsylvania/ Georgia, etc
Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams and Rhode Island, Quakers
Salem Witch Trials
Half-way Covenant- reasons for implementation, effect of compromise
Early agriculture by region/ tobacco/ cotton /cotton gin/ westward settlement
Women’s sphere
Religion- influence on settlement, establishment, religious dissent, Connecticut Blue Laws, Act of Toleration, main denominations
Most populous/ wealthy colonies/ politically powerful
Attempts at Unity/ problem of disunity
Economic and democratic features of Constitution/ demigods/ Charles Beard
Early governments: Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders, House of Burgesses, town meetings, voting requirements, state constitutions
New England Confederation/ Dominion of New England- differences, reasons for establishment
Benign neglect/ Navigation laws/ Mercantilism
Natural rights/ rights of Englishmen/ common law/ feme covert/ Zenger case
French and Indian War- causes, personages, impact on relation with England
Albany Congress
Proclamation of 1763
Early agriculture by region/ tobacco/ cotton /cotton gin/ westward settlement
Reasons for American Revolution/ Intolerable Acts/ taxation policy
Patrick Henry/ Samuel Adams/ John Adams/ Benedict Arnold
Republicanism/ Common Sense
Land Ordinance 1785/ Northwest Ordinance 1787
Concept of sovereignty
Founding Fathers and slavery
Native people in French and Indian War and Revolution
Triangular trade—goods and seaports
1st Great Awakening- causes, impacts major figures
Jeffersonian/ Hamiltonian disagreements
beginning of political parties- issues, leaders, beliefs
Articles of Confederation-accomplishments, weaknesses
Republican Motherhood/ runaway wives
Impact of Revolution on Slavery
Philosophical foundations of Revolution and Constitution
Main features of Constitution- enumerated powers, function of different branches of govt., Bill of Rights, fundamental law, Electoral College, elastic clause, necessary and proper, advise and consent, implied powers, habeas corpus
Interpretation of Constitution: strict-loose interpretation/Compact theory/ doctrine of nullification/ attempts at secession, Va. and Ky. Resolutions
Alien and Sedition Acts
Rebellions: Shays’, Whiskey, Bacon’s, slave uprisings, Regulators, Paxton Boys and impacts
Compromises in Constitution and impacts
Relations with France and England during the early Republic/ Franco-American treaty/ Embargo Act/ Macon’s Bill No. 2
Major Treaties: Peace of Paris, Ghent, Greenville, Jay, Pinckney,
Basic beliefs of Whig party
Precedents of Washington’s presidency
Creation of Market economy/ early industrialization
John Marshall’s influence, main cases, and beliefs/ judicial review
Tariffs and protests- Hamilton’s financial plan, 1816, 1824, 1828, SC Exposition
Transportation-infrastructure/American System/ Canals, steamboats/ Cumberland Road/ right of deposit
Jeffersonian Democracy/ Common man/ natural aristocracy
Debtor vs. Creditor/ currency issues
1st and 2nd Bank of the US
Empire for Liberty/ yeoman farmer/ Louisiana Purchase/ Jefferson’s dilemma
Westward expansion and Mississippi River/ Indian Removal
Lewis and Clark/ Corps of Discovery
War of 1812—Causes/Frontier/Impressment/ 2nd War of Independence/ Star Spangled Banner
Nationalism/ sectionalism- tension
Era of Good Feelings
Rise of Andrew Jackson
Jacksonian Democracy
Major documents