Outline Notes Chapter 16

Outline format chapter 16 Due Wednesday/Thursday, October 19-20

I. What was the structure of Southern society?

A. Planters

Minority, aristocratic

Dependence on cotton

Ecological consequences

B. Slaves


Passive Resistance

Active Rebellion

C. Non-slaveholding Southern whites

Use of racism to gain their support to planters

“Crackers” and other insults

D. Free blacks and mulattoes

II. What forces and attitudes shaped abolitionism and opposition to the spread of slavery?

A. American Colonization Society and Liberia

What is it like in Liberia now? Look it up.

B. Lane Theological Seminary and its “Rebels”

C. William L. Garrison and The Liberator

The American Anti-Slavery Society

D. Black abolitionists

E. Politics—the Liberty Party

F. The Gag Rule and John Quincy Adams

III. Important questions to answer:

A. Why did non-slaveholding whites support the planter aristocracy?

B. How did the production of cotton change geographically between 1820 and 1860?

C. What were the consequences for counties in which blacks outnumbered whites?

1. What impact might this have had on developing attitudes toward race and the defense of slavery?

D. What did slaves fear the most, and why?

E. What did whites fear the most, and why?

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