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Preparation for chapter 17

Your text spent three chapters interrupting the flow of the narrative. Notice that it is now picking up the story where it left off in chapters 13 and 14 after our sidetrips into economics, culture, and the slave system. Make sure you review what was going on with the British, with Texas, and with Oregon in previous chapters to help you understand chapter 17. The pages you will want to review are: pp 265-267 and pp. 295-298. Make sure you note treaties and agreements from that time period.

Also, you might want to brush up on what exactly the Whig party held as its core beliefs. Pages 290-292 and 298-301 will help explain some of the politics in chapter 17. For some reason, the book suddenly left off its discussion of the Whigs and William Henry Harrison at the end of chapter 13 and now picks it up again at pages 396-97.

17:3 MC practice


1. Which overland trail brought settlers to the Willamette Valley?
A. Mormon Trail
B. Oregon Trail
C. Santa Fe Trail
D. California Trail
E. Chilkoot Trail 402

2. Which of the following statements best describes the main reason Southerners supported the annexation of Texas?
A. They wanted a safer route across the country.
B. They wanted more territory where slavery was already established.
C. They wanted better access to trade with Mexico.
D. They wanted new seaports to help trade with Asia.
E. They felt annexation would aid in Indian relocation. d

3. What innovation became a Romantic metaphor for American expansion?
A. Telephone
B. Mechanical reaper
C. Steel plow
D. Railroad engine
E. Direct current reading

4. Who was the president who presided over the annexation of Texas?
A. William H. Harrison
B. John Tyler
C. James Polk
D. William McKinley
E. James Garfield 400

5. The group that was instrumental in saving the soil of Oregon for the US was
A. the Lewis and Clark expedition.
B. conservationists.
C. fur trappers.
D. fishermen.
E. missionaries to the Indians. 402

6. Place these in order: the annexation of (T) Texas, (O) Oregon, and (C) California.
A. T, O, C
B. C, T, O
C. C, O, T
D. O, C, T
E. T, C, O 400-410

7. In the presidential election of 1844, the Whig candidate was
A. Henry Clay
B. William H. Harrison
C. James K. Polk
D. Daniel Webster
E. Zachary Taylor 404

8. One goal of Mexico in its 1846-1848 war with the United States was to
A. demonstrate the strength of Latino culture.
B. free black slaves.
C. regain control of Texas.
D. capture slaves and take them back to Mexico.
E. force America to pay claims owed to Mexican citizens. 408

9. Which of these was not a reason cited in one of your readings that drove westward expansion in the 1840s?
A. Possession of California and Oregon would enable trade with Asia.
B. Land on the frontier was cheap if not free.
C. Mexico offered free land to Catholics.
D. Economic depressions in the 19th century drove people toward the frontier in search of a better living.
E. The population was rapidly growing due to immigration and natural reproduction. readings

10. Some people in Britain hoped for a British alliance with Texas because
A. the alliance would help support the Monroe Doctrine.
B. the area would provide an excellent base from which to attack the United States.
C. Mexican efforts to attack the US would be stopped.
D. Texas could become a place to settle undesirable British emigrants, such as prisoners.
E. the alliance would give abolitionists the opportunity to free slaves in Texas. d, 400

Chapter 17 Outline

Outline format Chapter 17

I. How does the election of William Henry Harrison frustrate the hopes of the Whigs?
A. What was Clay’s scheme?
B. Tippecanoe talks himself to death
C. Tyler- is he really a Whig?
D. Bank Bungling and Tariff Trouble

II. What is Manifest Destiny, and how does it differ from the concept of imperialism?
A. What is Manifest Destiny?
John L. O’Sullivan
B. The Election of 1844
Summarize Issues, Slogans, Liberty party trips up Clay
C. “Young Hickory” Polk, the “Dark Horse”
Goals on the various concerns of the day
D. Mexico, California, Texas

III. How many times can we almost get into a war before we succeed?
A. The “Third War With England”
Causes, insurrection in Canada, Caroline incident
B. The “Aroostook,” or “Lumberjack,” War
Causes, Lord Ashburton saves the day?
C. Texas pleads for acceptance
Why do we say no? What eventually tips the scales?
D. The Oregon Question
Joint Occupancy to 54-40 or Fight!
E. What does England have to do with all these problems?

IV. Why is the South so excited about War With Mexico?
A. “American Blood on American Soil”- fact or fiction?
B. Abe Lincoln and the “Spot” Resolutions
C. Santa Anna plays us for chumps
D. The warm-up: Stephen’s (Kearney) and John’s (Fremont) excellent adventures
E. Taylor and Scott
F. Tristin’ the War Away
G. Guadelupe Hidalgo: What do we get?
H. What were the negative consequences?
How many Civil War generals get battle experience in Mexico?