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The Story of the Prisoners of Berga

In honor of Veterans’ Day…

At the Battle of the Bulge, some American POWs captured by the Nazi forces were used as slave laborers at a camp that was part of the Buchenwald complex because they were (or were assumed to be) Jews. A little known story that should never be forgotten.

From PBS, Berga: Soldiers of Another War.

20:1 MC Practice

1. In order to reach his inauguration, Abraham Lincoln
A. had to agree to an amendment guaranteeing slavery in the territories.
B. had to pass the Crittenden Compromise.
C. had to sneak into Washington in partial disguise.
D. had to hold his inauguration in Illinois.
E. traveled by water along the Mississippi, the Gulf, and the Atlantic Ocean.

2. The first shots of the Civil War were fired at
A. Bull Run, Maryland.
B. Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
C. the First Battle of Manassas.
D. Fort McHenry, Maryland.
E. Antietam, Maryland.

3. After Lincoln called for 75,000 militiamen on April 15, 1861
A. the Confederacy grew to eleven states.
B. West Virginia seceded from Virginia to briefly become an independent country.
C. ten times that number volunteered for the Confederate army.
D. the first shots in the war were fired.
E. a slave rebellion arose in Louisiana.

4. Lincoln steadfastly refused to characterize the Civil War as a fight to end slavery because
A. he did not believe in the equality of the races.
B. he believed that if he did so, the breakaway of the Confederate states would be halted.
C. he desperately needed to keep the Border States within the Union.
D. Southern members of Congress would have cut off all funding for the war.
E. his cabinet would have resigned had he done so.

5. The last state to secede from the Union was
A. Virginia
B. Texas
C. North Carolina
D. Maryland
E. Tennesssee

6. Lincoln said that he hoped to have God on his side, but he had to have
A. his wife.
B. Virginia.
C. Maryland.
D. Robert E. Lee.
E. Kentucky.

7. The North had all of the following advantages at the start of the Civil War EXCEPT:
A. a better navy.
B. more industrial might and manufacturing capacity.
C. more miles of railways.
D. better military leadership.
E. a larger population from which to draw for its army.

8. The city in which the first shots of the Civil War were fired was
A. Washington, DC.
B. Atlanta, Georgia.
C. Baltimore, Maryland.
D. Charleston, South Carolina.
E. New Orleans, Louisiana.

9. Secretary of State William Seward
A. disagreed with Lincoln’s plan to resupply Fort Sumter.
B. suggested declaring war against Spain, Great Britain, or France to get the South to abandon secession.
C. felt that Lincoln was too rash and rushed too hastily into war.
D. had sons of his own that fought on the Confederate side.
E. demanded that Lincoln approve the building of an all-steel navy.

10. In order to retain the Border States, Lincoln
A. deployed federal troops and declared martial law.
B. offered to build federal facilities in these states if they remained in the Union.
C.attempted persuasive speeches to maintain their loyalty.
D.threatened to send black troops in to occupy secessionist areas.
E. all of the above.