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Please have READ Chapter 25 by our first day back, January 4. I will give you a short quiz (not a terms check) to make sure you have done this.

Your assignment for this chapter will be terms PLUS significance, plus a few questions over the chapter. Please NUMBER the terms and explain significance to receive full credit. These will be due on the SECOND class meeting, which is when your terms check will be.

The terms can be found on the tab right above here labeled “terms for semester 2 chapters.” I will post the questions here in this post on Tuesday. So check back.


Questions for Chapter 25

1. What specific factors led to the explosive growth of urban areas around the world during the late 19th century? Make sure you include specific technological advances in construction.

2. What building types became common to accommodate the growing urban populations? Explain the differences between each one.

3. What were the social and political effects from thew trend toward urbanization?

4. What were the differences between the New Immigrants and the Old? What specific reactions did the New Immigrants encounter?

5. What were the reasons for growing tension between religion and science during this time period? How did access to education increase during this time (probably exacerbating the tension)?

6. Which writers and artists of the period produced works that particularly challenged accepted mores? Which supported a more traditional worldview?

7. In what specific areas did the tension between tradition and progress manifest itself during these decades?