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Pre-AP Exam Extra credit

This is available to all (even those not taking the AP exam) who are missing no more than 2 assignments this semester. It is due the day of the AP exam- May 11.EC Historians assmt APUSH

Done well, it could raise your grade as much as 3%.

Good aids for AP Review

This will be continually updated as I find resources.

First of all, the “links for more information” tab on this website arranges other resources by chapter. USE IT!

AP Review Books– 5 Steps to a 5 is tied directly to our text, but most of them are still good. There are also flashcards for terms.

iTunes U is a good source for all kinds of stuff! Seriously, go to that section of the iTunes store. Type “iTunes U US history” into the search bar, and look at all the incredible stuff, available mostly for free!!! This site explains them– they are available for free on iTunes

One of my favorite things: All in the Family explains the Equal Pay controversy

Classic. Now you can experience one of the greatest 70s TV shows AND hear the early debate about equal pay.

Remember, this is SATIRE.

Chapter 40 due Monday.

Questions will follow, but I am pushing the deadline back. Too many stoopid field trips.

Remember, this is due Wednesday

Review of Warren Court decisions: Major Warren Court decisions

I would suggest you use for ALL of your Supreme Court decision needs. Much quicker and less wordy than wikipedia, and more reliable, too.

Facts about nuclear weapons

Thanks, Ike.

Better Daisy Commercial