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Court cases review

I would like to go over these with you briefly on Monday, if you get the chance. Attached is a pdf of major court decisions in general:Court cases review 08

Then here is a review of major court decisions dealing with women’s rights, which you can use for the above activity as well for general review:

And of course, a reminder of this site: for all your archive needs about the Supreme Court….

Map Madness!!!

These maps are interactive! And kind of cute…

America 1492-1700:

Pilgrims’ Journey:

Triangular trade:

Revolutionary War Battles:

Westward Expansion:

Trails West:

Underground Railroad:

Admission of States to the Union through 1920 (Lower 48 states):

Audiovisual review

This goes along with our textbook:

Mr. Wallace is our friend! Here is his video review for chapters 2-5, pt 1: I have linked several others of his lectures in the Audiovisual category. Plus you can search for his name within youtube.