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2 page overview of Native American policy

From Dr. Angela A. Gonzales and Melanie A. Stansbury of Cornell University:indian_history timeline

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FRQs by era through 2011

Here they are, listed as chronologically as possible going back to the 1980s….

FRQs to 2011


You’re welcome!

Generic DBQ rubric

This also works for FRQs– just take out the document part.

Court cases review

I would like to go over these with you briefly on Monday, if you get the chance. Attached is a pdf of major court decisions in general:Court cases review 08

Then here is a review of major court decisions dealing with women’s rights, which you can use for the above activity as well for general review:

And of course, a reminder of this site: for all your archive needs about the Supreme Court….

Map Madness!!!

These maps are interactive! And kind of cute…

America 1492-1700:

Pilgrims’ Journey:

Triangular trade:

Revolutionary War Battles:

Westward Expansion:

Trails West:

Underground Railroad:

Admission of States to the Union through 1920 (Lower 48 states):

Audiovisual review

This goes along with our textbook:

Mr. Wallace is our friend! Here is his video review for chapters 2-5, pt 1: I have linked several others of his lectures in the Audiovisual category. Plus you can search for his name within youtube.

Timelines for AP review

A shout-out to DD and CA for making me aware of these!

This one is very colorful, and has different strands for topics such as territories, presidents, social, etc:

This one is subdivided into sections of mainly ten year increments: