Questions over “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”– due Friday

Well, I finally got to a computer, so here they are. School laptop still in full swoon mode.


Answer thoughtfully, and bring with you a HARD COPY to class on Friday, since who knows if I will have a computer working by then.

1. What images or metaphors does Edwards use to emphasize the helplessness of humans against divine justice? Choose the three you find the most compelling.

2. The image of being suspended over the fiery pit is used how many times? How are the descriptions different each time they are used?

3. Did New Lights like Edwards depict God as angry or as full of mercy? Read carefully.

4. How do the sentiments presented here relate to previous beliefs expressed by early influential ideas such as predestination? Is there now apparently anyone who is guaranteed to go to heaven? Explain using a quote.

5. Based upon this excerpt, what do you surmise about Edwards’s attitudes toward the use of reason in converting sinners?

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