Information for your DBQ

Document A A list of women who helped during the Revolution, from a geneology site. A brief history of women in the Revolution

Document B another document- a petition from Loyalists’ families. Make sure you read the side bar on the right for background information that could be useful.

Document C scroll down to the part about the Chickasaws in particular

Document D background on the document on Jefferson’s Statute of Religious Freedom, written in 1777

Document E about halfway down you will find the full text of document E and above it you will find some explanation of the circumstances. Once you go to the webpage, just search for the terms  “United Indian Nations” to find the link.

Document F Many of the names here should be familiar…

Document G

Document H A map of the actual area…

Document I Analysis of the quotation in question

Document J This brief paragraph explains the attitude toward women’s education at the time. The fourth document from the top is this address in its entirety plus a brief explanation of the school.
And this is a pretty funny exchange between John and Abigail Adams:

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