Questions for study for Blog Quiz 5

Questions to consider for Blog Quiz 5

Post: Bill of Rights
What was Charles Pinckney’s role in the history of the Bill of Rights?
The Bill of Rights made what group of people the guardians of individual rights against the other branches?
How did privacy end up as a recognized right through the Bill of Rights?
What were the rights Madison proposed that were later rejected?
Which one attempted to limit STATE actions?

Post: Schoolhouse Rock Preamble
Be able to name the six purposes of the Constitution.

Post: I’m just a bill…
What exactly is the proposed law that resulted in Poor Bill?
Where does Bill go first once he gets to Capitol Hill to be reported upon either favorably or unfavorably?

Post: 3 branches of government
To what circus role is the president compared?

Post 4: Excerpt from Federalist #10
What are the main differences between a democracy and a republic, and which one is more desirable, and why?

Post 5- Articles of Confederation
How did the Articles support the concept of states’ rights? Use quotes or examples to support your answer.

Post 6: Weaknesses of the Articles
What were the weaknesses, according to the video?

Post 7: Philosophers
Which philosophers influenced the Constitution, and how?

Post 7: Videos on Articles
Who wrote the Articles?
What specific impact did Shays’ Rebellion have?

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