Blog Quiz Questions 6

To help you prepare for your blog quiz on Tuesday…..
1. What was the Morgan Affair of 1826, and what impact did it have?
2. What argument was made in the South Carolina Exposition regarding the powers of the federal government? What are the two distinct and separate governments in our system, according to the reading?
3. What is the main reason why tariffs are resented by the South? Which section do they believe benefits, and why?
4. What impact did the Louisiana Purchase have from both a geographical standpoint and from the standpoint of interpretation of the Constitution? How did the Louisiana Territory lead to a increase in tensions over slavery?
5. What happened to Sacagawea’s children? What happened to Sacagawea?
6. Where exactly did Lewis and Clark’s journey west end? What role did a hoped-for water route across American have upon Lewis and Clark’s expedition?

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