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Chart for writers, artists, and scientists in Chapters 15 (and 16)

I would suggest you organize the people you include by type– you can run off multiple copies of this if you need to– and make one section for writers, one for artists, and one for scientists. This might be helpful to help you in English class. The only chapter 16 writer you should include here is Harriet Beecher Stowe. We will work on this together in class on Monday.

I’ve done an example for you. Make sure you include schools or groups (like Knickerbocker Group or Transcendentalist) if the artist is a member of one.

Authors, Artists chart ch. 15 ex

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The Cumberland Road

This will be good for some easy points of EXTRA CREDIT on Wednesday, October 31 . Bring the answers with you to class. I will NOT take this late.

Go to this site ( by History Magazine and read the article on the importance of the Cumberland, or National Road.
1. Why was the road so important?
2. Explain the economic impact of the road.
3. How did the road help American expansion?
4. Who was Henry Clay (you may have to do research or recall this information– it’s not in the article) and why did he support the construction of the road?
5. Where, exactly, was the Road?

Links for further information:
The Building of the Cumberland Road