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Senator Daniel Inouye dies

Sen.-Daniel-Inouye-of-Hawaii-dead-at-88Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawai’i passed away today at the age of 88.

First_Lt_Daniel_InouyeHe earned the Medal of Honor in World War II as a member of the all-Japanese 442nd Regimental Combat Team, in an engagement that cost him his right arm, and went on to become the second longest-serving Senator in history (48 years) and was third in line in the presidential succession at the time of his death as president pro tempore of the Senate behind the vice president and Speaker of the House. He had represented Hawai’i in either the House or Senate from the time of its statehood.

May he rest in peace.

Possible essay topics for 5th period final

It wouldn’t hurt all classes to rough out an answer to these, but here are the essay topics that 5th hour will face on their final:

I would strongly suggest that you outline these– it will also help you study in general. Use of specifics will be a major way you earn points.

A. Explain and trace the problems of unity faced in America from its founding through Reconstruction.

B. Compare and contrast the “achievements” of Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan as major contenders for the title of “worst president of the semester.” Ironic that they bookended one of the greatest ever….

C. Explain the development of political parties in the United States through Reconstruction.