Updated Upcoming Assignments

Monday is an A day.

I will probably not be able to check chapter 34 until Tuesday, so I will offer extra credit for those who have already completed it on Monday and have the comparison between Liberal and Conservative assessments of the New Deal (see below). Grab this chance!

I do not know when we will make up the 90 minutes 2nd hour missed. We will have to figure this out this week. We may have more rotten weather Tuesday-Wednesday. See? This is why I scheduled extra time for review before the AP exam. Stoopid Missouri weather.

I posted some extra information to help us stay current under this post. Use it wisely.


Our essential question Wednesday was: How did the New Deal change and challenge Americans’ expectations about government?

1. On Monday, please have a handwritten summary of Liberal and Conservative assessments of the New Deal from the 1930s to now. This is to be 250 words at a minimum. Make sure you include modern perspectives. You will need to do some research, and make sure you include specific points.

2. In addition, please make sure you have read the material on the Migrant Mother and the links to the other photographs and Dorothea’s Lange’s perspective. I would like to discuss this on Monday.

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