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Animated map of nuclear explosions worldwide

Note how many different countries have detonated nuclear weapons at least in testing, and where those explosion have taken place.

The Baby Boom- why it’s all about them

They did create the “Me” Decade, after all. From bobby sox to Woodstock to their fear of wrinkles, I present… YOUR PARENTS! No, no, I’m kidding.

Kind of.

Here are some great links to explain why the Baby Boomers changed everything.

Boomer Century, from PBS: This one takes a more academic look….

Baby Boomer Headquarters: This one is by boomers, but still has a good overview on the home page.

Baby This one is hilarious, since it deals with issues for geezers like how to take your medicine and sign up for medicare. My favorite part for you, though, is the side section with links for major events for the years 1946-1964. That is actually good for review!

Aging Hipsters: I think that title says it all.