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Instructions for your DBQ

Each class received a different DBQ today. This DBQ will be due Friday. If you are going to be gone Friday on a field trip or other scheduled absence, you must get me the completed DBQ before you leave– it must be in my hands by the beginning of whatever class period you are in on Friday.

What you ARE allowed to do:
–Work on the DBQ during class on Wednesday/Thursday.
–Use your text, questions, and your own notes to refresh your knowledge of that period in which the DBQ takes place. This then means that I will expect you to write a better DBQ, and so the standards will be higher.
–Work on the DBQ at home on Wednesday and Thursday night. AP kids in period 2 are welcome to come get their DBQ today, Wednesday, even though you class does not meet with me until Thursday so that you have the same time as the other two classes. I told you this yesterday.
You may type this, and for some of you, I am BEGGING you to do this.

I am trusting you to NOT make me regret this.

What you MAY NOT DO:
~~Plagiarize in any way, including:
looking up examples/explanations online, sharing with your friends, airdropping, texting, emailing, tweeting, tumblring, discussing the documents together, etc.
~~look up information on the internet.

Your work is to BE YOUR OWN work. No exceptions, not even a little bit.