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Extra Credit Book critique form- 2013

Click here for a copy. Make sure you follow all directions.Extra Credit Book Critique

People and Groups 1800-1850

This might be useful….

John Quincy Adams
Louisa May Alcott
Susan B. Anthony
John Jacob Astor
Stephen F. Austin
Catherine Beecher
Nicholas Biddle
Daniel Boone
“Blue Light” Federalists
Aaron Burr
John C. Calhoun
Henry Clay
Cold Water Army
Conscience Whigs
Corps of Discovery
Emily Dickinson
Dorothea Dix
Neal Dow
Stephen Douglas
Davy Crockett
Ralph W. Emerson
Five Civilized Tribes
Robert Fulton
Albert Gallatin
Alexander Hamilton
William H. Harrison
Sally Hemings
Sam Houston
Andrew Jackson
Francis Scott Key
Lane Rebels
Mother Ann Lee
Lewis and Clark
Liberty party
Lowell Mill girls
Cyrus McCormick
Molly Maguires
John Marshall
Herman Melville
James Monroe
Samuel Morse
Lucretia Mott
Robert Owen
Zebulon Pike
Edgar Allen Poe
James K. Polk
Samuel Slater
“submission men”
Roger Taney
Henry David Thoreau
Denmark Vesey
David Walker
Walt Whitman
War Hawks
Daniel Webster
Eli Whitney

Documents for study for Final- Semester 1

These are important documents we discussed during first semester about which you should be familiar. We also did a review of many of these in class….

John Winthrop–“A Model of Christian Charity”
Jonathan Edwards–“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
Thomas Paine–Common Sense
Thomas Jefferson– Declaration of Independence
John Dickinson–Articles of Confederation
Madison, Hamilton, and Jay–Federalist Papers
James Monroe– US Constitution
—elastic clause
—Bill of Rights
—13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
Madison and Jefferson–Virgina and Kentucky Resolutions
Marbury v. Madison
South Carolina Exposition
Thoreau–“On the Duties of Civil Disobedience”
William Lloyd Garrison– The Liberator
John L. O’Sullivan– “Manifest Destiny”
Compromise of 1820
Compromise of 1850
Daniel Webster–The Seventh of March speech
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Scott v. Sanford
Harriet Beecher Stowe- Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Abraham Lincoln– 1st and 2nd Inaugurals, Gettysburg Address