Welcome to APUSH, 2013-2014

The school year is almost here! I hope you are as eager to get started as I am!

First, some housekeeping.

1. Do not worry about bringing your book to class unless I specifically tell you to, or unless you have a specific question. I would suggest that you bring them with you on days in which we have tests, so that you can start on the reading the text and doing the assignment for the next chapter as soon as you finish your test.

2. DO bring a notebook of some sort in which you will keep your class notes. This needs to be a spiral or neatbook, or a section in a binder. Keep those notes in order (I suggest you date and title them each day). IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE NOTES ON THE COMPUTER, BE AWARE THAT THIS PRIVILEGE WILL BE RESCINDED IF YOU ARE SURFING THE WEB OR DOING OTHER ACTIVITIES WHILE CLASS DISCUSSION IS GOING ON– NO WARNINGS.

3. You need a separate section for your assignments– this can be another spiral or neatbook, or a separate section of a binder.

4. Plagiarism, sharing assignments, etc. will harm your ability to learn the material and will not be tolerated. If your work is copied by or is the copy of someone else’s or taken from a different source, you will receive a zero.

5. All homework assignments must be hand written in either blue or black or ink or in pencil.

6. You will be allowed to turn in only TWO assignments late each semester. Late work must be complete. Other late assignments will earn 1 point. You may not do extra credit unless all regular work is turned in.

7. Please come to class prepared. As you are doing your reading, if you have questions, write them down (with page number) and ask them in class.

8. When the bell rings to start class, it is expected that you have read the agenda on the board and have your materials out to begin to ask questions, discuss, and take notes.

9. Please have your computer charged before class. If your battery dies, switch to paper and pencil, and have that available.

10. All cell phones will be silenced and put away during class.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday! If you have any questions about the summer assignment, please talk to me about it in class on Monday.

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