Blog readings questions- Ch. 5

Questions to consider:
1. Which of the Enlightenment thinkers seem to express sympathy for Christianity?
2. What does Rousseau claim is the purpose for laws?
3. What does Hobbes say about the equality of humankind?
4. What was the purpose of the ads taken out by the husbands in the Runaway wives post? What did the wives claim?
5. In the Edwards piece, what are three images used to describe God’s anger besides holding a spider over a fiery pit?
6. In the Overview I posted, How did Connecticut try to prevent itinerant preachers from being able to evangelize there?
7. In the Overview, How did the Great Awakening help encourage the separation of church and state?
8. In the Heyrman article, who were two Anglican clergymen (and brothers) who allied with George Whitefield to try to reform the Church of England– and later founded Methodism?
9. According to Heyrman, what were two denominations who gained members who disapproved of the emotional excesses of the Great Awakening?
10. According to Heyrman, what was actually similar in the message of the New Lights with the orthodox Puritan beliefs? What was the main difference?

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