Chapter 12 Questions

Be sure to answer fully and include details. This is the easiest way to help prepare for your tests.

1. What internal problems affected the way the US fought the War of 1812? What were the weaknesses of our military? Were there any strengths?

2. Why did Canada become an important battleground? Why was our strategy regarding Canada flawed? Why was the Battle of Plattsburgh so important, and what was the other name of this battle?

3. What were the four main parts of the British strategy? Why was the attack on Baltimore (and Ft. McHenry) significant? What provoked the British blockade of our coast?

4. What was the most significant defeat the British suffered during the war? What were the long-term impacts of this battle? How did the US victory in this battle affect the national attitude, not just toward the war but to pride in country?

5. What caused the British to lessen their demands during negotiations at Ghent? How did both sides seek later to demilitarize the Great Lakes area?

6. How did the War cause the death of the Federalist Party? Be sure to answer completely.

7. Why is this war sometimes called “The Second War for Independence?”

8. What momentous event occurred in Europe militarily at nearly the same time as the end of the War of 1812?

9. What specific changes occurred in the US in the wake of the War? How was our trade with England affected, and what did the US do in response (and how was it a first)?

10. Describe Henry Clay’s American System. Explain the reasons why various groups either opposed or supported it.

11. Why was the post-war era known as “The Era of Good Feelings?” In what ways was this name a misnomer? Consider economics in your answer as well.

12. What were the causes of the Panic of 1819? What were the causes of the western land boom? What currency policies did westerners demand to be able to buy land?

13. Why did the proposed admission of Missouri to the Union in 1819 cause enough opposition to necessitate a compromise? How does this reflect a growing sectionalism? What was the point of the Tallmadge Amendment? What were the details of the resulting compromise, and how did it affect the remaining Louisiana Purchase Territory?

14. What were some specific reasons why John Marshall was such a pivotal figure in American legal history? What was his philosophy? Create a chart of the most important decisions of the Supreme Court under his leadership, explaining the principles that each case represented.

15. How did the southern part of the Old Northwest Territory get embroiled in the growing slavery controversy?

16. What were the specific reasons why the West grew so rapidly after 1815?

17. What important treaties were completed during this time period, and what did they accomplish? You may make a chart if you wish—might help with studying purposes.

18. What was the idea behind the Monroe Doctrine? Who created this doctrine, and in response to what event? How did Latin America and Britain react to this doctrine?

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