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Awon Buh! A great commercial


Facts about the Lewis and Clark Expedition

PBS has a wonderful companion website to its Ken Burns documentary about Lewis and Clark. It is found here:

In particular, you want to go here  and read about the historical significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition (there is a hyperlink at the bottom of this page you can use)– one of the historians interviewed is my old professor from TU, James Ronda!

The fascinating life of Sacagawea’s son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau:




Facts about the Louisiana Purchase

Here is a link from the National Archives to the treaty:

And here is a fantastic resources about everything you ever wanted to know about the historical consequences of this area: .  The subsections are hyperlinked so you can just go to the part you don’t understand.

Another nice summary of the Louisiana Purchase and the reasons why Spain gave Louisiana back are found here : — and this is a site you should be using regularly anyway!