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Deadlines page has been updated…

Make sure you check it several times a week, but especially now.

Also, go to the “Links for more information by chapter” page on the blog and you will see that there are some good videos for these three chapters in this unit (14-16), especially the Crash Course US History ones by John Green on YouTube. I would suggest you watch them to help prepare for class and tests.


Here’s a cool timeline that combines a lot of material in these three chapters so you can visualize when things happened: You know, I bet they have one for the Revolutionary Era on the DBQ as well….

Romanticism links

Here is a post from the State Department (yes, strangely enough!) on the Romantic era writers here in America: This link also includes information on Transcendentalism (and Emerson and Thoreau) as well as several other writers mentioned in this unit.

Many Romantic era poets wrote sonnets, which are an amazing poetic form:

Here is the summary from the Norton Anthology of English Literature. This site in general could be VERY helpful in English class: I would bookmark this site, if I were you, along with the one for American Literature here:  and African American Literature here:

And, just to keep your musical education up to date, here’s some info on Romantic era composers: