Chapter 31 questions

These are due Friday, February 14, 2014.

Questions Chapter 31 Roaring Twenties

Be thorough in your answers.
1. What prompted the red scare of 1919-1920? What role did religion play? Who led this “crusade” and why?
2. How did the Red Scare impact unions, and why?
3. Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
4. What caused the second rise of the Klan, and how did the Klan change during this time? What was “100% Americanism?”
5. How did American isolationism impact both the new rise of the Klan and immigration policy? What were the goals of immigration laws during this time? Which groups were targeted?
6.  Why was the quota system a “pivotal departure” in American policy?
7. How did Prohibition lead to gangsterism, and how profitable was organized crime? Describe the career of Al Capone.
8. Describe the clash between evolutionism and creationism in America in the 1920s, including the Scopes trial. What part did Wm. Jennings Bryan play?
9. Up until this point in the chapter, the picture has been largely negative. Why was this era called the “Roaring Twenties,” then?
10. How did Americans’ earnings, spending and savings habits change during this decade? What (and who) contributed to the growth of the consumer economy?
11. What subsidiary industries were impacted (either positively or negatively) by the rise of the automobile? How did Henry Ford revolutionize the auto industry?
12. What societal changes ensued as a result of the automobile? Be complete in your answer, or no credit.
13. Why was Charles Lindbergh famous? How safe was flying?
14. How was radio different in the 1920s than today? How did radio help encourage consumerism, especially then?
15. How did both radio and film help homogenize American culture? Why were films in the 1920s often scandalous?
16. How did the Great Migration cause a flowering of African American culture?
17. How was religion and morality challenged by the changes in the 1920s?
18 How were the writers of 1920s different from those of previous eras? Make a study of chart of the authors and their works mentioned.
19. What role did the stock market play in the boom of the 1920s, and why was that a dangerous thing? Explain buying on margin and speculation.

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