Revised schedule due to snow day, part 2

Make sure you are checking the blog each night. I will be putting up posts  that I will quiz you on at any time, especially if we miss any more school and to make up for some of the instruction we have missed.


As of right now, this is the revised schedule.

1. Tomorrow, Friday February 7, is a B day.You will have a terms check over chapters 27-28.

2. Your test over chapters 27-29 is on Monday, February 10.

3. Chapter 30, which is already posted below here, is due next Tuesday, February 11. It has been shortened. If you have worked ahead and done a longer version, you may earn extra credit if you show it to me tomorrow.

4. Chapter 31, which is posted below here, is due next Friday, February 14. It has been shortened.

5. Monday, February 17, is Presidents’ Day, and there is no school.

6. Chapter 32, which is still in the archives, will be due Tuesday, February 18.

7. Your test over chapters 30-32 is on Friday, February 21.

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