Chapter 32 questions

Chapter 32 Questions- Due next Tuesday!
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1. What were the specific weaknesses of Warren Harding? Why did he get elected anyway?
2. Who were the members of Harding’s cabinet? List them with their areas of responsibility. Who were the best and the worst of the bunch?
3. What specific economic policies were advanced by Harding’s administration under the secretary of the treasury? How much did this typify a laissez-faire attitude? Which groups benefited or were harmed by demobilization after WWI? How did businessmen get around government regulation?
4. What attitude did the Supreme Court take toward business? Explain the significance of the Adkins decision, and its relationship to the earlier Muller decision.

5. How was labor specifically affected during the 1920s? What was the cause of the 1919 steel strike, and what lingering effects did it produce?
6. How did veterans receive benefits far beyond their actual time in uniform? What was the American Legion, and what did it accomplish in the 20s?
7. What were the prime motivations of our foreign policy during this decade? What agreements did we pursue with other countries during this time? What about the Middle East? Be through in your answer.
8. What tariff policy did the US follow in the 1920s, and why? What were the tariff laws passed, and what long term effects did they have on international trade?
9. What major scandals erupted during the Harding Administration? Describe each one. What effect did they have on Harding himself? How did the American people react?
10. How was Coolidge different from Harding? What was his nickname, and why? What was his governing philosophy?
11. What was the situation with farmers, and how did WWI make this worse? How did Coolidge respond to farmers’ difficulties, specifically? What was the McNary-Haugen Bill? What did the Agricultural Marketing Act attempt to do?
12. What divisions kept the Democratic party weak during the 1920s? What did the Progressive party stand for? Why didn’t it do well in 1924?
13. What economic effects lingered from WWI? How did the Dawes Plan attempt to address this?
14. What were the unusual characteristics of the candidates in the 1928 presidential election? What elected experience did each man have?
15. What were the causes of the Great Depression, here in the US? What caused this to be a global economic disaster?
16. What was the philosophy of Hoover toward government intervention in the economy? What were the actions Hoover took to ease the effects of the Great Depression? What was he not willing to do, and why?
17. What did the Reconstruction Finance Corporation do? How effective was it in easing the suffering of everyday Americans? Why?
18.What did veterans do when the Depression struck? How did Hoover specifically respond? What effect did this have on his image, specifically?
19. What was the situation with Japan during Hoover’s presidency? How did the US respond to Japanese expansion? What was the Stimson doctrine?

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