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Proxy Wars, briefly

Make sure you know what these are.

Once we developed nuclear weapons, we really counldn’t comtemplate all-out, full-scale war ever again. So as we contested for third world countries, we fought “proxy wars” (later called “brushfire wars” during the Kennedy administration) in places where both the US and Soviets poured money and support into fighters for each respective side.

Crash Course: The Cold War

This can also be found here:Crash Course History: The Cold War

What does John Green say about the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
How charming was Josef Stalin?
If the Cold War didn’t ever heat up in Europe, where DID it heat up?
Note the review of the three worlds.
Why didn’t Soviet Communism win in the end?

This also gives you a heads’ up about things we will talk about in the next few chapters.