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Nuclear weapons testing: Castle Bravo, the Bikini Atoll, and the Lucky Dragon

First here is a good site with a nice overview:

The largest explosion ever unleashed by the US was the 15 megaton explosion called Castle Bravo.

The blast was far more powerful than scientists had anticipated, and fallout landed on inhabited parts of Bikini Atoll and on fishermen on a Japanese tuna boat whose name was, ironically, the “5th Lucky Dragon.”

And how Lucky was the Lucky Dragon? Here is an outstanding National History Day video created by a student named Lauren White in Maryland:

And the quest to limit nuclear weapons continues even in 2010. One of you all sent me this link:

2 small things to do for tomorrow’s class….

1. Make a T-chart to compare Truman and Eisenhower. The part I want you to do is their backgrounds.
So, include where they were from, their educational backgrounds, and their careers (hint: consider their military experience!) before they were elected president. Leave space to add on to this in class.

2. Write a brief answer to this question, with your reasons supporting your answer: Should the rights accorded to citizens (or, specifically, sub-groups of citizens) be subject to a vote?

Be brief, but be precise, in both of these things.

Nuclear weapons development timeline

Watch this.
Development of Nuclear weapons in 4 minutes (like the Madonna song)