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Funeral footage for John F. Kennedy

I’d suggest you start the video just to see how a State Funeral is conducted. First, Kennedy’s casket was loaded onto a caisson– a wheeled, horse-drawn cart used in the early years of war to move artillery pieces. Behind the Casket a soldier leads the “cap horse,” a riderless horse with the riding boots inserted into the stirrups backwards, which is used in military funerals to indicate that a high-ranking officer has been killed. The explanation of this tradition is found here.

If you skip ahead then to 5:00 minutes, you will see the most touching scene of the entire funeral.

Video of the Assassination of JFK

Warning: these images are very disturbing, and are repeated several times throughout this video, so do not watch if you are squeamish.

This footage was originally filmed by Abraham Zapruder, a bystander along the route on November 22, 1963.

Texas Governor John Connelly, sitting in the front seat of the limo, was also seriously wounded. Police officer J. D. Tippitt was killed later that day as the assassin was attempting to make his get-away.

Here is a link to the JFK Library, with a timeline of the events in the assassination:

Two days later, on November 24, Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin, was himself shot by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub operator, as he was being transferred to the county jail. Oswald was ironically taken to the same hospital where Kennedy had died. Here is the newsreel footage of Oswald’s assassination:

Here is video of the greatest, most trusted news anchor of our time, Walter Kronkite, announcing Kennedy’s shooting and later, death. Notice how his emotions almost overcome him.

Due to the mysterious circumstances– Oswald had been a US Marine yet attempted to renounce his US citizenship and lived for a while in the Soviet Union, and then he was himself assassinated before interrogation and trial could have been completed– many conspiracy theories have developed over the years about this tragic incident. Did Oswald do it? If so, did he act alone? Was the USSR, or Fidel Castro, or the Mafia involved?

To attempt to find answers to these and other questions, a special investigative panel was created by President Johnson and headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. Interestingly, one of the Commission’s members was Michigan Representative Gerald Ford, who was later to become vice- president and then president under Richard Nixon. The Warren Commission later published a report that Oswald was indeed the killer and had acted alone.

Here is a link to the Warren Commission Report from the National Archives:

The St. Louis Baby Teeth Survey

Sometimes, you can’t make stuff like this up. Read this:

Dr. Louise Reiss, who was the leader of the survey, just passed away in 2011. Here is her obituary in the New York Times: