Organizations that were founded in the ’80s

MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving – founded by Candy Lightner in 1980 after her daughter was killed by a repeat offender.

The Moral Majority became a power in politics especially during the Reagan years. Founded in 1979 by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, a television evangelist; it was disbanded in 1989. Here (,9171,958023,00.html) is the story from TIME magazine about its disbandment.

Solidarity was a labor union founded in communist Poland in the shipyards of Gdansk.Its most famous leader was Lech Walesa, who was later elected president of a democratic Poland. Here is the Encyclopedia Britannica summary:

TWO TV channels that kind of represent the ’80s were:

MTV! On August1, 1981, teens’ lives were changed forever with the launching of MTv, which has decided to be a complete poopy-pants and remove all the footage I could find from youtube about their opening launch. So here’s what happened: The first video was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by a one-hit wonder group called the Buggles. Enjoy! (The Second video was Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run”) We didn’t stop watching for DAYS.

Pat Benatar! Hard rock guitars and yet an incredible voice (the only other group who did this before her was Heart!)

CNN is launched by billionaire Ted Turner in 1980, making 24-hour access to the news possible before the internet:

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