Study guide for Final Exam– pt 1 (Reposted for semester 1 review)

PART 1!!

Know the definitions or explanations and the SIGNIFICANCE!!!

Documents covered: Declaration of Independence; Manifest Destiny documents; apologies and accounts of slavery; Washington’s Farewell Address; Seventh of March speech; Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments; Common Sense; Uncle Tom’s Cabin; A Model of Christian Charity; Bill of Rights; Civil War Amendments; Freeport Doctrine; Gettysburg Address;

Important People: Nathaniel Bacon; Jonathan Edwards; Ben Franklin; Alexander Hamilton; Thomas Jefferson; Anne Hutchinson; Patrick Henry; James Madison; John Marshall; Metacom; Mississippian culture; Thomas Paine; Pilgrims/Separatists; Puritans; Daniel Shays; Tecumseh; George Washington; Roger Williams; John Peter Zenger; indentured servants; Andrew Jackson; Henry Clay; John Calhoun; William Lloyd Garrison; abolitionists; Aaron Burr; Steven Douglas; Abraham Lincoln; transcendentalists; George Fitzhugh; Daniel Webster; Susan B. Anthony; Elizabeth Blackwell; Dorothea Dix; Ann Lee; Shakers; Mormons; Federalists; Anti-federalists; Whigs, Know Nothings; Free Soilers; Republicans; James K. Polk; Roger Taney; Joseph Smith; doughfaces; fire-eaters; Patriots/Loyalists; Butternuts/mountain whites; Irish; Scots-Irish

Important Legal Terms/Treaties: Treaty of Tordesillas;Bill of Rights; Maryland Act of Toleration; Stamp Act (and reaction to it); Treaty of 1778; Great Compromise; Proclamation of 1763; 3/5 Compromise (and long-term impact); Quebec Act; Treaty of Paris of 1783; Tea Act; Declaratory Act; Electoral College system; treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo; checks and balances; judicial review; Northwest Ordinance/ Land Ordinance of 1785; Fundamental Orders; slave codes; Embargo Act; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions; Alien and Sedition Acts; Louisiana Purchase; Intolerable Acts; Mayflower Compact; full faith and credit clause; writ of habeas corpus; elastic/”necessary and proper” clause; Marbury v. Madison; Dred Scott decision and significance; South Carolina exposition; nullification; compact theory/contract theory; states’ rights; salutary neglect; birthright citizenship; ex parte Merryman; ex parte Milligan; Electoral College; “advise and consent”

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