Economic history review topics

Economic History of the US

Adam Smith and Capitalism
Joint stock companies-Virginia Company
Impact of new world gold on old world economies
Hamiltonian financial plan/ Reports on Manufactures
Jeffersonian/ Hamiltonian economic development visions
History of sources of revenue: tariffs, excise taxes, property taxes, income taxes—and their specific uses
Policies of Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin (in office 1801-1814)
Controversies of the Banks of the US
———First BUS 1791-1811
———Second BUS 1817-1837
———Andrew Jackson and the Bank War
Panics: 1819, 1834, 1837, 1857, 1907
Depressions: 1873, 1893, 1929
Recessions: 1937, 1982, 1968, 1976, 2008
Currency issues: gold standard, silver standard, bimetallism, end of gold standard
Federal Reserve System
Debtors vs. creditors
Government revenue: Tariffs, excise taxes, sales taxes, income taxes
Laissez-Faire vs. Keynesian theory
Mass production and mass consumption
Deficit and surplus concepts
Balanced budget/surplus/ deficit 1992-present
Effect and regulation of interest rates
Economic reforms of New Deal
Supply-side (trickle-down) economic theory in 1920s and in Reaganomics
Policies of Secretary Andrew Mellon
Protectionism vs. Free trade
Development of the Global marketplace/ global workforce
Impending crisis of social security- impact of baby boom

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